My Little Angels

Sofia Chalice and Marcus Abishai Roland

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When natures goes wild, everyone is equal. Rich and poor don’t know where to hides. This unanticipated natural disasters in Bohol and Tacloban takes lives and destroys properties. Family of one of our church member was affected by Yolanda.

But it’s not an act of God! God is not a killer of innocent children who drown during Yolanda. He did not shake the earth to kill many good people. He is a Life giver. He is a Healer. He gives comfort and strength to His children. He came to save not to bring danger.

Every sufferings could be prevented or at least lessen when we use our free will with wisdom!Let’s not miss this tragedy to learn an important lesson. But it is a collective effort of humanity by the grace of God that we could face all the challenges to come. By scientific intervention maybe we could prepare for future natural disasters that I hope not to come.

Our sense of humanity make us to feel passion for those who are affected. We can feel their sufferings and loss. Let’s offer them things that can help build not only their home but also their faith.

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There is something inside us that is GREATER!

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Dream as if you’ll live forever,
Live as if you’ll die today,
Love like there is no tomorrow,
Dance like no one is watching.

– Unknown

Yesterday one of our church member went home to be with the Lord. It was felt by the whole church because this man was active in the ministry. I felt the grief of his wife and children and I don’t know what words to say to lessen their pain for me myself loss an elder of the church, an anointed worship leader, and a true friend. These moments in life always brings the question “why God?”. And as the leader of the church I felt the responsibility to give comforting words. Message that will make turn those who doubt to believe that God is there still Omnipotent.

1. In all of our sufferings, God is still in control. When we are sick, troubled, or we loss someone, gravity is still there, planets still moves according to its proper motion, air is still breathable, birds still flies, the nature is still in order. If God losses control in all of natures activity then the earth is doom. But it is not. Despite of all our sufferings there is continuous sunset and sunrise, we still don’t hit by an asteroid, and the flowers continue to blooms.

2. God is not the Author of sufferings. Its not God who causes as to suffer. It is only His permissive will when we go through this. Its either us or other who inflicted all of these sufferings through Satan’s corruption when sin enters the world. It is impossible that the God who heals will bring sickness to us, or else He will fight Himself when we pray for healing. God gives us healing not sickness, comfort not grief, and blessing not poverty. We had to choose what we believe for.

3. Trust God’s wisdom. We cannot fathom God. We can’t answer all of the questions in our mind. Always believe that God’s plan is best for us. There is purpose in everything. Our ways is not God ways, and our thought is not God’s thought. Even we make decisions that brings us bad consequences God still want to reach us through His WORD and when we desire to believe in His promises, then we allow God or we give Him the Authority to work in our lives.


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Our Dream Church BuildingOur propose Church building.

Believe And Receive!There is power in Confession!If there is Vision there is Provision!

It’s July 2013 that I started to pray for a permanent church building. Truly man’s way is not God’s way. I thinking to loan  an amount of 3 million pesos to buy a lot and then to construct the building. But the Lord didn’t allow this to happen instead He touches one of our member’s heart to donate a 1,800 sq. ms. lot. What a breakthrough!

Now we are praying for the building construction fund. We know God will provide for us it too in His ways. I thank for those who respond for this vision! Another brother who recently receive his lump sum for his retirement donated 1,000 pesos to build the building! God is good. More provisions are coming to complete our church building!


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Buhay pa itong kaibigan ko na ito. Nasa Abu Dhabi. Bale sya ang nagpakilala sa amin ng wife ko.

I made this video before his flight to Dubai featuring beautiful places in Aurora province.

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Sino ba ang makakalimot kay Ate Nini na laging nagluluto tuwing may youth camp. I know masaya sya sa piling ng Panginoon.

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This video was taken by my wife Keren featuring our daughter with me singing a ballad worship song. We are so blessed for receiving a precious gift from God – our duaghter.

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“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

– Gandhi

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